Road Trip Games Help the Miles Fly By

Whether your next trip is somewhere nearby or to a remote destination, it's essential to plan for the journey it will take to get there. Begin your preparations by considering some fun road trip games that your whole family can enjoy together. At Jack Miller Auto Place, we don't leave home without these games.

For something a little more reflective, try "Deep Questions." In this game, one person begins by asking the other occupants of the car a profound question that they all have to answer. The first person willing to answer the question gets to ask the next question. For something lighter, the game "Story" is sure to delight passengers of all ages. One person begins a story with a single word, then each passenger adds to the story, one word at a time. You'll be surprised at how wacky the story can become.

Don't let another trip go by without our service department inspecting your vehicle. Your car will operate properly, and you'll have the confidence of driving a well-maintained vehicle.



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